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Onda Strata shelf

Onda Strata shelf by David Tragen

This sculptural, floating, wooden shelf has developed from the first minimalist version, Onda, with the addition of five gently flowing layers.

Elliptical Cabinet

Elliptical Cabinet by Neal Jones

This Elliptical Cabinet is hand crafted in a rare English rippled Walnut and features a solid Ebony base and beading.


Onda by David Tragen

This limited edition shelf was designed for Makers exhibition and was an exercise in pushing the idea to its limits.

Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves by Design in Wood

in sycamore and walnut.

Quadrant hanging shelves

Quadrant hanging shelves by Design in Wood

in sycamore and walnut, to hang in a corner.

Hanging Shelves - detail

Hanging Shelves - detail by Design in Wood

in sycamore and walnut

Cabinet in Walnut

Cabinet in Walnut by Anna Childs and John Thatcher

Influenced by traditional Chinese cabinets. The doors have dowelled hinges. Inside, a shelf and two drawers (with boxes hidden behind each drawer)

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