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Collaboration results in striking new works

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Members of NCFM are exhibiting at the Cube Gallery in Manchester from 15th to 25th May 2013.
Please visit...


Our second exhibition at Tennants Auction Centre built on the success of the previous event. This year we were in the larger mezzanine area, with...

22 June 2009 NEWS RELEASE

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Collaboration results in striking new works

Following a successful collaboration in 2011 on the Circles and Stripes sideboard, NCFM members Chris Tribe and Christine Meyer-Eaglestone have again been working together and have produced two striking new works.
Grid IV, a low sideboard in maple with Christine’s trade mark marquetry doors is currently showcasing at the prestigious Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design in Cheltenham. The show opened on Friday when the sideboard drew much favourable comment from the particularly discerning guests at the preview. Christine designed the piece whilst Chris made the solid maple carcase and fitted the doors. More details about the exhibition and an interview with Christine talking about her work can be seen here

Chris and Christine have also been working on an unusual record cabinet for a furniture collector in London. The customer had strong views about the detail of the cabinet, particularly the dimensions and proportions, where possible these were incorporated into the design. Discreetly hinging the overlaid gabled door provided a particular challenge; this was overcome by using precision barrel hinges so that there is no evidence of hinging when the door is shut. The carcase is solid American walnut with a maple “roof”.

Christine’s geometric designs are all hand cut using often quite vividly coloured reconstructed wood as well as conventional veneers. Hand cutting allows her to develop a design organically, using her extensive collection of veneers like a painter’s pallet.

Chris Tribe
Chris Tribe
Chris Tribe


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