Designing Furniture To Meet a Specific Need

There has been a very obvious shift in recent years as we have moved from being a society where it is acceptable to throw out last year’s out-dated interiors to a community in which such behaviour is frowned upon.

In the past designers were happy to feed a consumer desire for fashion and trend. Now they are being urged to act as a channel for society’s current needs rather than simply being creators of stuff.

A designer is increasingly seen as someone who finds solutions to problems by listening and understanding.

With budgets and living space constrained as never before and society beginning to move away from the pre-recession throwaway era, designing something that is fit for purpose has become a vital concern.

Commentators are now declaring that the design journey is as important, if not more important, than the product. At Dovetailors we have always believed that great design comes from collaboration and a deep understanding of purpose and environment.

It is no longer enough to create beautiful things and designers have an important role to play in finding solutions for public spaces, which themselves are changing in nature. Whether this is workspaces, hospitals or homes, a skilled designer can improve both the aesthetics and the functionality of that space.

When we were commissioned to work with Wakefield Cathedral on their renovation project we took on precisely this role. The cathedral was still a place of worship but that meant something very different in 21st Century society than it had when the cathedral’s existing interior had been designed. The changing needs of the cathedral community were at the forefront of our minds as we developed our designs. Further close collaboration with the cathedral team meant that we came up with a result that satisfied the solemn needs of the church and the diverse demands of its wider community.

Design is frequently misunderstood. Yes, aesthetics and trend are important but it is about much more than that. It’s about connection and finding answers. We are delighted that people are recognising that it is not the things in our lives that define us but the reason behind their existence.


Designing Furniture To Meet a Specific Need

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