A few things Dovetailors has been working on this autumn 2012

A new name, a huge extendable dining table, a centre hall table and a giant chair are a few things Dovetailors has been working on recently.

We've been working on our new look for months and now we're ready to unveil a new name, new website and branding.We had been searching for a name and image that better reflects the way we work and the very specialist nature of what we do. Find out more... http://dovetailors.co.uk/blog/design/welcome-to-dovetailors/

But this has not stopped the Dovetailors team from making some quite fabulous and intersting furniture.
Here is a small selection:

An extending dining table that transforms itself from a two metre everyday table to a six metre table for entertaining. http://dovetailors.co.uk/blog/bespoke-furniture/bespoke-oak-six-metre-ex...

A centre hall table that looks just perfect for its intended space. http://dovetailors.co.uk/blog/bespoke-furniture/why-size-matters-when-ch...

A giant chair for a children's theatre company. http://dovetailors.co.uk/blog/bespoke-furniture/the-giants-chair/