Making Furniture That’s Both Functional and Fascinating

Designer Ron Arad recently opened an exhibition in Israel that takes functional objects such as cars and renders them useless with the intention of creating an intriguing work of art.

Arad’s “In Reverse” exhibition is intended to illustrate the shift from the physical to the digital in reverse and by showing us the opposite of what designer makers like us strive to achieve he highlights just how far we have managed to evolve the process of design to deliver outstandingly beautiful objects that also meet our functional needs.

In our everyday lives we regularly experience the impact of new technology on our connection with the physical world and recognise its ability to increase the usefulness of an object.

In our own furniture making work we frequently use technology to stretch the boundaries of design and create styles of furniture that would never have been possible using traditional techniques. By doing so we achieve dramatic and beautiful results and successfully create furniture that not only serves the functional purpose for which it was intended but also makes a fascinating style statement.

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Making Furniture That’s Both Functional and Fascinating