A story chair for a special teacher

NCFM members, Designer Makers Furniture, have been commissioned to make a very special chair to commemorate a much loved teacher who died suddenly last year. Staff at Sandal Junior school in Baildon contacted Designer Makers Furniture asking them to design and make a chair to remember a former collegue, Dot Mainwaring. The children at the school had been asked what things they thought were important to Dot. They decided on cats, hockey and mountains, these became the themes of the chair design. The chair, intended for a teacher to sit in while reading to the children, features hockey stick arms, a mountain motif on the laminated back and a carved cat on the seat rail.

Joanne Howells, a teacher at the school, said " We have been looking for a workshop to make this chair for sometime but most are reluctant to take on a one off job like this" Chris Tribe of Designer Makers Furniture said "Specialist work like this is what Designer Makers Furniture is all about, we are particularly enthusiastic about this project and keen to further involve the children, we hope they will come to the workshop to see some of the making process".

Designer Makers Furniture hopes that this collaboration will result in a chair that will remind people of a remarkable teacher and also be enjoyed for many years to come.