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Philip Dobbins


1993-2009 Celebration of Craftsmanship, Cheltenham
2009 Making the Future, London
2009 21st Century Furniture, The Millinery Works Gallery, Islington
2009 Antiques for the Future IV, Sotheby’s, London
2005/2008 Designer Crafts at The Mall (Society of Designer Craftsmen)
2008 Reception display, Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers
2008 New Beginnings, SDC Gallery, London
2008 Northern Contemporary Furniture Makers at Whalley Bridge, Derbyshire
2008 Northern Contemporary Furniture Makers at Tennants, Leyburn
2007 Northern Contemporary Furniture Makers at Tennants, Leyburn
2007 Bespoke book launch, Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers
2004 Art of Furniture, Artifex, Birmingham
2002 SOFA Exhibition, Chicago
1990 Furniture of Excellence, Wilmslow, Cheshire

2009 Designer Makers, Harrogate
2008-2009 Langton Green Gallery, Tunbridge Wells
2008 Arcaz, Whalley Bridge
2007-2009 Bespoke, Cheltenham
2006-2009 Hunter Gallery Suffolk
1998-2009 Artifex Gallery, Sutton Colefield
1997-2006 Artizana Gallery, Prestbury, Cheshire
2003 Centre for Contemporary Furniture

2006 Northern Contemporary Furniture Makers
2004 Society of Designer Craftsmen
2003 Designer Makers.Org.Uk

My workshop experience has evolved from early years making exacting copies of the finest period furniture, through to the present, when I aim to be fully involved with the design and making of contemporary bespoke furniture, both to commission, and speculatively for galleries and exhibitions.
Commission work allows me to interpret the client’s ideas at the highest level of craftsmanship. Speculative pieces allow me to develop my ideas of the continuing tradition of furniture design; informed by that tradition, rather than self-consciously innovative, I look to many periods of design for inspiration, and happily rework a concept that pleases me.

I now exhibit at Designer Makers, a gallery of Contemporary Furniture in Blubberhouses. The gallery also exhibits work by Chris Tribe, WoodB and Gabler Furniture, as well as other designer makers in the region.


Church Farm
West Yorkshire
LS19 7SQ
0113 250 2738
Philip Dobbins
Philip Dobbins


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