Heaven 17

Heaven 17 by Richard Jones
Zebrano and hard maple veneers, glass shelving and mirrors; poplar cornice (crown) moulding. Sprayed Satin pre-catalysed lacquer on maple parts and zebrano polished with satin alkyd varnish. H 2,994 mm X D 610 mm X L 4,152 mm (H 117-3/4" X D 24" X W 163-1/2") Called Heaven 17 because this piece went into a seventeenth floor Warwick Tower apartment in the 'Medical District' of Houston, Texas. Built, polished and test assembled in the workshop and delivered as disassembled 'flat-pack' parts to the location. It took just over two days for two of us to carry parts up to the apartment in a service lift and assemble the unit in its allocated space. It was impossible to frame the piece when photographed from the front even with my widest angle lens; the only shots I could get that would show most of the piece were shot through the doorway from an adjoining bedroom.

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