Torpedore by Richard Jones
American cherry, hard maple, dye and lacquer. Dimensions: H 900 mm X W 1200 mm X D 560 mm. (H 35-1/2" X W 47-1/4" X D 22") A primary driver in the evolution of the design of Torpedore was to create an immediate visual impact on the viewer. Functionality was a secondary consideration. There are strong visual motifs, including the primary wood choice of American cherry, that contrast and complement one another such as the repetition of sweeps, arcs and curves, set against massed vertical lines and striking colour gradations through the use of dyes. The prominent sweeping curves in the 'torpedo' legs are reflected in the gently arced bottom edge of the lower rail, the front of the cabinet top and the cabinet front itself. Parallel vertical lines of the tambour are a serried rank marching across the front of the cabinet and these link with similarly parallel lines revealed by the cut of rift sawn cherry legs, side panels, and the bottom front rail. In contrast to the parallel lines, most of which run vertically, the top itself is made up of tangentially sawn wood for a contrasting arched grain pattern. There is a deliberate trompe l'oeil effect in the staves that make up the tambour with each stave individually dyed so that, when both tambours are closed, there's colour change from one stave to the next, and the tambour appears to recede deeper into the cabinet than it actually does because of the darker 'shadows' at the outer limits. Finally, the outside appearance incorporates a playful motif, inspired by the fading light of a desert sunset and the shadows formed by sand dunes: this was the inspiration for the overlapping profiled finger pulls letting the viewer open the tambour and gain access to the interior. Inside the main cabinet is a sub-cabinet of pale off-white American hard maple with four adjustable shelves and a nest of graduated drawers on touch release drawer slides. The maple was chosen to create a deliberately contrasting 'clean', visually light, and uncluttered interior.

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