NCFM operates with two levels of membership.

The discussion group is a forum for contemporary furniture designer/makers working in the North of England to share advice and opinions and promote our work in general. It operates via an email list, where a member sends a message, and this is sent to all members of the group. This list is private, only accessible to group members and free to join. If you would like to take part in the discussion, please click this link to send us an email, telling the group a little about yourself: NCFM Listmaster

The exhibition group is a subset of the above which engages in promotional work via this website, exhibitions and Public Relations. Each workshop agrees to pay £15 per month towards PR, and exhibition costs are shared by those exhibiting. Membership is conditional on the agreement of existing members and the suitability of the work to be exhibited.

Non paying members may also take part in NCFM exhibitions, at the discretion of the paying membership.

If you wish to apply to join the exhibition group, please contact one of the following:
For makers in Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire; including Merseyside and Greater Manchester: Garry Olson
For makers in Northumberland, Yorkshire, Durham and Derbyshire: Chris Tribe

A website showing examples of your work would be helpful as the existing members must all approve any applicant. Please also bear in mind the aims of NCFM as set out on our home page.