Everglades Skimmer

Everglades Skimmer by Richard Jones
American black walnut and hard maple hall table. Oiled and lacquered. H 780 mm X L 1880 mm X D 410 mm (H 30-3/4ā€ X L 74ā€ X D 16-1/8ā€) Imagine an airboat skimming across the water of the Florida Everglades and you will perhaps have a similar picture in mind to the one I had when Iā€™d completed construction of this table. At the concept stage of the design process I looked for ways to have a table top with a sense of floating, almost of flying, so the shallow bevels at the ends and the top itself raised above the supporting leg-set put me in mind of an air boat, hence the name. Underneath the legs gently taper from bottom to top and the front rail has a cyma recta shape cut into the bottom edge at either end to reinforce the sense of visual uplift.

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